Micro Steam Turbine & Generator Module

    Key Features

  • High efficient, steam based energy generator
  • Efficient and safe operation
  • Excellent ratio power/weight
  • Modular construction with simple installation
  • Environmental friendly technology
  • Fully usable clean output steam
  • Working life min. 100 000 hours
  • Full power reaction time in 10 minutes

Technical parameters

Characteristics Specification
Electric Power 200 – 700 kWe
Incoming steam temperature min 130 °C
max 420 °C
Incoming steam pressure min 6,0 bar Abs.
max 63,0 bar Abs.
Outcoming steam temperature min 105 °C
max 400 °C
Outcoming steam pressure min 0,5 bar Abs.
max 14 bar Abs.
Steam flow min 4 t/hour
max 25 t/hour

If you have other parameters , please contact TECHNOPA technical service

Electric parameters

Characteristics Specification
Voltage 230V 480VAC /400VAC
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Grid-isolated regulation
/ steady state /
+/- 0,50 % nominal voltage max
+/- 0,50 % nominal frequency
Isolation class IP 55

Minimum Clearence Requirements

Dimension Size
Vertical 2000 mm
Horizontal front, and rear side 2000 mm
Horizontal left OR right side 2000 mm


  • 1. Stator , turbine body
  • 2. Rotor
  • 3. Welded steel frame
  • 4. Asynchronous Generator
  • 5. Gear Box
  • 6. Steam Input
  • 7. Steam Output
  • 8. Coupling
  • 9. Seal

Patented turbine

Blade turbine wheel in one solid piece
Designed for isoentropic drop min 120 kJ / kg
Possibility to control partial steam admission
Turbine is not a pressure tank


Reduction turbine / electric energy production
Electric energy production in the prime or secondary steam line
Prime mover – ask tech. department

High end level of the components

Special and safe control valve
Special and safe mechanical seal

Focus on the Safety and Reliability

Sensors for safe start/stop and operation control
Servis Control Tripping safety valve TYCO

Simple operation and control

Automatic computerized control system
touch panel for operation
Internet connection /optional/


Asynchronous Siemens generator


Steam and condensate connection based on DIN 2576
CE certification of the S2E module

Sound Levels

Characteristic Specification
Standard 85dB

Net weight of machine with frame

Characteristic Specification
Max 8000 kg
Min 6000 kg

Concrete foundation size

Length 2900 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 400 mm

Service interval for bearings exchange

Characteristic Specification
Turbine 25.000 hrs
Generator 25.000 hrs

The investment into an S2E Module creates for the customer the most efficient profitability on the basis of the waste steam in the existing system.


Technopa GmbH provides a complete package for its customers, starting with the optimal calculation of the technical solution, through the basic engineering for the S2E placement, the S2E installation and the start up itself with the technical and financial service.